Benton BX2 - 7 step battery charger

Universal battery chargerFor cars and trucks

Built in 5 amp power supply (13.6v)

Using state of the art technology, the Benton BX2 battery Charger with 7 steps (click here for the 7 steps) enables the re-charging of Batteries to almost 100% of their original capacity. The BX-2 Charger automatically diagnoses, recovers, charges and maintains batteries for months, fully automatic operation from Charge to Maintenance modes. Six operations options are available - 28.8V, 29.4V, 14.4V, 14.7V, 13.6V Supply and 16V Boost. All major starter battery manufacturers recommend to keep your battery fully charged during idle period.
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It is also a power supply with maximum capacity of 13.6 V/ 5A. (price of standalone 3-5 amp power supply unit is about R500)

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The BX-2 Charger 7-Step Fully Automatic Charger provides six output options to meet numerous requirements as listed in the table below as well as a 13.6v DC Supply and 16v Boost.

It features a 10-Stage charging strategy, i.e. Pulse Charge, 7A, 5A, 3.5A, 1.5A 200mA, Boost Charge, Maintenance & Power Supply.

The Benton bx2 battery charger also has a Memory Function. The Charger returns to the last selected Mode automatically when power is restored. (This function is disabled for 13.6v SUPPLY and 16v BOOST modes).

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The Benton battery charger BX2 is supplied with 2 detachable and interchangeable colour coded lead sets one with clamps for bench charging and one with eyelet terminals (0.63mm) with in line battery protection plug in fuse (10A) for permanent attachment to the battery posts to allow quick connection/disconnection through snap-connector.

Benton BX-1 5 step Battery Charger

Benton BX-1 wet/flooded, Gel and AGM car battery charger

For bikes and boats

The Benton BX-1 is a unique switch mode battery charger and maintainer for lead-acid batteries which through its 5 step process automatically diagnoses, recovers and charges car, bike, quadbike and even boat batteries for months on end at near 100% of original capacity.

The Benton BX-1 battery charger is designed to be fully automatic and electronically safe against any type of user errors. So no more risk of overcharging or damaging your battery through incorrect charge loads or overheating, it will even charge your battery in sub-zero conditions! It is suitable for use on various types of lead-acid batteries including wet/flooded (Liquid electrolyte), Gel, AGM Type and sealed acid batteries.

What makes the Benton BX-1 battery charger so unique is its ability to automatically diagnose and rescue drained batteries; it can even recover slightly sulphated batteries. It also features low back current drain and low ripple functionality.

A full overview of all the features of the Benton BX-1 can be found on the product features page.

November 2011
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