Specifications - Benton BX2 7 step Battery Charger

Input Voltage:   170-260VAC, 50/60Hz
Output Voltage:   12V & 24V (auto-select)
Input Current:   1.5A RMS max
Efficiency:   >75%
Charging Voltage:   28.8V+-0.25V or 29.4V+-0.25V or 14.4V+-0.25V or 13.6V+-0.25V or 16.5V+-0.25V
Charging Current:   7.0A+-10% or 5.0A+-10% or 3.0A+-10% or 1.5A+10%
Back Drain Current:   <5mA
Ripple:   Max 150mV,0.3A
Ambient Temp:   -20degC to +50degC/-4degF to 122degF, Reduced output power at higher temperature
Charger Type:   Seven step, fully automatic, switch mode with maintenance charging
Battery Types:   12V & 24V lead-acid batteries (WET, MF, AGM and GEL)
Battery Capacity:   14-230Ah (for 12V), 14-120Ah (for 24V)
Dimensions:   201x91x51mm
Housing Protection:   IP65 (Dust and Splash proof) Outdoor use
Weight:   0.912kg
Noise Level:   <50dB (tested from a distance of 50cm)


November 2011
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