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Conventional Two-Way Mobile Radio Products

These cost-effective products have proven themselves in the market place offering reliability and durability. Compact, yet rugged. Aesthetic, but powerful. Radios to cover a range of a few hundred meters to thousands of kilometers. We have them all, portable handheld, dash-board mount, remote mount.

Repcom offers a total sales package with an effective after sales service - buy with confidence and assurance - we will serve your communications needs - totally!

In addition to excellent after sales service, we offer an optional extended MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT for all products supplied by us, thereby ensuring that your Radio Communications system remains at peak operating efficiency at all times, while enabling you to meet strict budgetary constraints.

Whatever your Two-Way Radio requirements might be, REPCOM will provide the solution. From short distance radio communications of under a Kilometre to a long distance HF/SSB Radio network covering the length and breadth of the Country, or a wide-area Trunked Radio System on the Fleetcall Network, covering all the major highways and major Cities in South Africa we will guide you all the way. REPCOM offers a service second to none in our dedicated Customer Care. Contact us today for a cost effective solution to your Communications requirements.

Fleetcall Radio Trunking Network

Want to know where your vehicle is for improved efficiency in your Fleet Management? Fleetcall is the leading Trunked Radio Network operator in South Africa, providing a Radio Communications Network that covers from Cape Town to Beit Bridge as well as all major routes and Cities in South Africa. Repcom is an accredited Service Provider of the Fleetcall Network.

Digital CCTV and Time & Access Control Systems

We provide a quality tailor-designed system according to your requirements. A purposely-designed Digital CCTV and Time & Access control System allows you to monitor your workplace or factory, thus providing for improved efficiency and customer service with subsequent lowering of operating costs. Suitable for Game Farms, Mines, Factories, Hospitals, Training Centres etc.

Community Repeater Systems:

REPCOM specializes in Community repeater systems, enabling a radio user extended coverage in his designated area. No ICASA license needed, this is included in your small monthly service charge. Through a strategically located automatic Radio Repeater, each and every radio on your system has the benefit of extended radio coverage without the annoyance of other users on your radio channel. Other benefits include the savings incurred by not requiring a radio mast, which often is unsightly and conducive to lightning and storm damage. An Automatic Radio Repeater Communications system is the sensible alternative to costly Cell Phone calls. REPCOM offers Radio Repeater coverage in Klerksdorp, Potchefstroom, Stilfontein & Zeerust

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REPCOM is a Company utilizing the front edge of proven technology, dedicated to providing our customers with both top of the line Equipment and Superior Service at the best possible prices. Our Organization is structured on the principle of providing Service Excellence. We cater for YOUR specific needs: Why settle for anything less? This makes us much more cost-effective for your Organisation, saving you money through designing a Planned Radio Communications System meeting your Communications Needs for Today as well as for the Future!

Contact us for your immediate requirements, Service or Sales, and let us HELP YOU communicate successfully with YOUR BUSINESS today! Two-Way Radio is a most cost-effective means of communicating with your staff within your local area of operation. The savings earned by using this cost-effective means of communication as opposed to other communications means will pay for your System in less time than you think.

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